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Renders done in Unreal Engine. Breakdown available in Vimeo Description

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Animation | Previs | Postvis | Roto | Compositing | Tracking | Mocap Cleanup | Maya

PFTrack | Unreal Engine | After Effects | Premiere Pro | Shotgun Pipeline Software | C++ Programming (Beginner)



The Third Floor 2019 - 2020

Previs/Postvis Artist - Animation and Compositing

Loki (2021)

Compositing and Lookdev for effects

The Falcon and The Winter Soldier (2021)

WandaVision (2021)

4 NDA' Projects

Responsibilities included animating and lighting for previs, compositing and animating for postvis.

MPC Film 2019

Previs Artist and Senior Postvis Artist

Code Name: OJAI 

Animated in a Linux for a virtual production that used the Unity Game Engine
Lead on sequences by designating tasks to other animators and teaching them the proprietary engine tools

Noelle (2019) 

Animated creatures, then tracked and composited them into live-action scenes

Godzilla vs Kong (2021)

Lead on sequences by creating templates that provided the correct color keys, mattes, and color corrections in After Effects for similar shots in a sequence, accelerating shot delivery for the team.

Mentored other artists in keying and roto methods.

Proof Inc 2019

Postvis Compositor and Animator

Morbius (2022) 

Performed body part replacement using roto, painting out, and compositing in Nuke


Chaos Walking (2021)

Animated creatures and composited CG Elements onto live-action plates in Nuke

Territory Studio 2019 & 2020
Animator Finals

Blankos South by Southwest Commercial
Amazan AWS Next Gen Stats Commercial

Rooster Teeth 2018 - 2019
Animator Finals

RWBY Vol. 6 (TV Show)

Lead on complex shots by blocking out animation, then wrote shot documentation for team members

Wrote documentation on tool implementation for animation team use

Diagnosed and resolved cross-departmental problems on complex shots

Animated scenes with combat, multiple characters, lip sync, and flying creatures

Animated hand keyed and with motion capture

genLOCK Season 1 (TV Show)

Animated 3D characters in a 2D stylized manner on 2s

Vicious Circle (Video Game)

Animated Emotes to be used in engine for a first-person shooter game

VFX Assistant

Arizona Circle (Web Show)

Assisted the VFX Supervisor on set, ensuring scenes were shot properly for post-production by placing tracking markers, documenting camera specifications for shots, and communicating with production on post's needs

Halon Entertainment 2018
Previs Artist


Aquaman (2018) (Movie)

Worked on the 'Third Act Battle' that was nominated by the Visual Effects Society for Oustanding Virtual Cinematography in a Photoreal Project

Performed previs on high-density battle sequences involving sea creatures and spaceships
Unreal Engine rendering and rigging assist


Universal Studios Hollywood Commercial

Prevised “Fearless Kids Aren't Born” commercial

Cambium Networks 2013

Short-term Freelance Animator

Developed an animation of a simulation of Cambium Networks' GPS Synchronization technology.

Utilizing prior sales experience, collaborated with Cambium Networks' marketing executive to develop an animation that would market products to government and private clients.


Studio X (In-school studio for outside clients) 2015 – 2016


Junior Giants Foodiecats

Animated on “Foodiecats” shorts for the San Francisco Giants
Tested and debugged character rigs

The World of Steam

Animated creatures on live action plates



Aquaman 'Third Act Battle'  2019

Previs Artist - Halon Entertainment

Visual Effects Society nomination for Outstanding Virtual Cinematography in a Photoreal Project

Nomination listed under Halon supervisor, Ryan McCoy


Academy of Art University, San Francisco, CA Dec 2017

MFA 3D Animation & Visual Effects


Diploma in Advanced Character Animation Studies
Mentors: Sean Sexton, Boola Robello, Peter Kelly, Jean-Denis Haas


DePaul University, Chicago, IL

Bachelor of Science in Animation

REFERENCES Available upon request


Animation Reel Breakdown

Part 1: Aquaman: Third Act Battle Jousting | 0:02 - 0:15

(Movie) Aquaman
Employer: Halon Entertainment

Responsible for previs of Camera, Arthur, Seahorse, Orm, Tylosaur and Background Trench Monsters

Actual previs footage currently unavailable, final movie footage shown.

Part of sequence nominated by the Visual Effects Society for Outstanding Virtual Cinematography in a Photoreal Environment

Part 2: Sphinx Train Fight | 0:16 - 0:37

(Television/Web Show) RWBY Volume 6 Episode 1

Employer: Rooster Teeth Animation

Responsible for all character and creature animation

Cycles developed by animation team and altered by myself

Responsible for camera animation when specified 

Part 3: Aquaman: Third Act Battle Narwhals | 0:38 - 0:43

(Movie) Aquaman
Employer: Halon Entertainment

Responsible for previs of Camera, Seahorses, Soldiers, and Narwhals

Actual previs footage currently unavailable, final movie footage shown

Part of sequence nominated by the Visual Effects Society for Outstanding Virtual Cinematography in a Photoreal Environment



Part 4: Recon | 0:43 - 0:57

(Television/Web Show) genLOCK Season 1 Episode 6

Employer: Rooster Teeth Animation

Responsible for character and ship animation

Responsible for Layout and Camera

Sequence was passed to final cam for adjustments like shakes and zooms.

Part 5: Dragon Siege | 0:59 - 1:11

Personal Project
Dragon Rig from Truong CG Artist
Adam Rig provided by the Academy of Art University
Mark Rig from Long Winter Studios
Background dragons animation in progress

Part 7: Gauntlet | 1:11 - 1:20

Personal Project

Responsible for creature and character animation

Animated a sphere in place of the fireballs and then exported the data for a compositor to handle in After Effects
Dust and debris generated by a compositor
Dozer and Dragon Rig from Animation Mentor

Part 8: Salem's Grip | 1:20 - 1:29

(Television/Web Show) RWBY Volume 6 Episode 4

Employer: Rooster Teeth Animation

Responsible for all character animation

Background characters are mocaped. Foreground is handkeyed.

Part 9: Jumping Missiles | 1:29 - 1:45

(Television/Web Show) RWBY Volume 6 Episode 11

Responsible for Camera, Layout, and First Pass Animation

Took the lead, set up shots, brought animation and camera to a near finished state for other team members to join and polish camera and animation.​


6 NDA'd  Unreleased Projects

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